You can add your own customized dashboards to Big Dash, any BigComm Pro Dashboard can be loaded by Big Dash and will look very much the same as in BigComm Pro.


Big Dash by defaults has 8 dashboards for any firmware it may be talking to, that is 4 landscape and 4 portrait dashboards. They are broken down in the following way:

Page 1 - This is the main home screen dash, it primarily contains gauges that are availble on the phone itself so that it will work and display information without being connected to a controller. Once you are connected to a controller. The .dash files for Page 1 dashboards are found in:

/Big Dash/home_landscape.dash


/Big Dash/home_portrait.dash


Page 2 and 3 are the primary dashboards to be customized. These dashboards are specific to the firmware family of you controller and stored in the project for that firmware family. The files will be found at:

/Big Dash/BigStuff3/dashboard/dashboard_0_landscape.dash

/Big Dash/BigStuff3/dashboard/dashboard_0_portrait.dash

/Big Dash/BigStuff3/dashboard/dashboard_1_landscape.dash

/Big Dash/BigStuff3/dashboard/dashboard_1_portrait.dash

If you create a new Dashboard using BigComm Pro, you can then replace the .dash files for any of the page 2 and page 3 dashboards. Next time you connect to a controller within that firmware family your new dasbords will be used.


The Page 4 dashbords are generated from the default dash for your firmware and will always represent the default dash.


Custom.ini files

Big Dash also supports custom.ini files in the same manor as BigComm Pro. You can copy the same custom.ini file that you use in your BigComm Pro Project to the dir:

/Big Dash/BigStuff3/projectCfg/


This custom.ini will be picked up and loaded just as it is in BigComm Pro, thus allowing you to load dashboards that are referencing your own custom OutputChannels. Any additional [Gauge] definitions you may have in the custom.ini will also be loaded and displayed with the Gauge long click menu.