Have an Android based Phone or Tablet?

Upload your Replay while coming back to the pits... It will sync straight to your dropbox account or shadowtuner.com. All with a single click on your phone. The replay log will be on your laptop before you can get to the trailer. No chance of lossing the log as it will now still be on your phone and in drop box!


View BigStuff3 Dashboard data and Upload your replay data with your Android Phone or Tablet. Once your replay data is read from your BigStuff3, the replay log is automatically saved to your Dropbox account, emailed to you or uploaded to ShadowTuner.com.

Original and Extended Replay is supported.
For wireless connectivity, Bluetooth Adapter kit is required:
Or you can connect via USB using an FTDI based USB to RS232 cable with an OTG adapter if your phone or tablet support USB host mode..


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