BigStuff3 just got Simpler and more Powerful than ever!

When it comes to modern horsepower, the most important tools are no longer found in your toolbox. Just think, in the 1980's Top Fuel dragsters made about 2500 hp using a 500 cubic inch Aluminum Hemi headed engine on Nitromethane, today there are drag and drive cars that crush these numbers! No Nitromethane and they can drive thousand(s) of miles between refreshes. Why? One big reason is a matter of optimizing all aspects of the engine and improving efficiency. This demands the tools to gather data to understand what is happening inside the engine at the completely and identify opportunities to improve efficiency. EFI has brought new capabilities to enable maximum efficiency, but also additional complexity getting started. Together BigComm Pro and MegaLogViewer bring you the power to capture, view and analyze vehicle data as your engine produces it, then act upon it. These easy to use applications simplify making changes and even offer recommendations and automatic correction using data analytics at a level that is not offered by any other automotive tuning solutions.
Now supporting Gen 4 and Gen 3!

BigComm Pro multiple dashboards

BigComm Pro Now Available!

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1) Download the all new BigComm 3
2) Purchase a registration - Choose BigComm Pro Single if you only tune 1 BigStuff3 or BigComm Pro Tuner if you tune multiple BigSuff3 ECU's
3) Enter the registration in BigComm and all the BigComm Pro features will be activated!


BigComm Pro Features:

  • Support for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11, OSX 10.7+ and Linux
  • All BigStuff3 Gen 4, Gen 3 Firmwares 076 and up, no updates to your box are needed!
  • Auto Tune! 
  • Add, Create or Customize dashboards to work for specific calibration steps, or just to look better
  • Add Create or Customize Tune and Dyno Views just for your specific calibration needs.
  • Unlimited length data logs
  • Triggered Logging based on any criteria you need.
  • Difference Reporting to compare Calibrations
  • Automatic Restore Points
  • Integrated logging with log based tracing
  • Table editing tools and functions
  • Editable 3D Table Views
  • Seemless offline tuning
  • Much more, you will be amazed!