A Feature in BigComm Pro is the ability to save or load settings for just a single dialog.

When available, on all Tune Settings Dialogs there will be a File menu. By selecting the menu:

File --> Load Dialog Settings

You can then load either a .bigTunepart file or a full .bigTune, but no settings other than what is on that dialog will be loaded, whether it is a full bigTuneor not.

So this allows you to load pieces of either tunes files you have saved, or perhaps people have sent you. You can take pieces of various saved tunes to make the starting point right for you.


Save Dialog Tune, this is similar in that only settings on the dialog will be saved to an msqpart file. That is why the .bigTunepart extension is used instead of the standard .bigTune to be sure you can identify this file and not a fully saved .bigTune.